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Barre is a full body workout that strengthens and sculpts, while fostering flexibility, focus and stress relief. It’s called barre because we use the ballet barre to achieve ideal positioning and balance during the Pilates-, yoga- and ballet-inspired workout. These are not dance classes, and no coordination skills required; we do use great music for the experience. No 2 classes are ever alike!


Yogalates Integrating Pilates and Yoga, this 60 minute class will challenge your body physically and help you develop breath awareness through different styles of Pranayama. Yogalates will increase your strength, stamina and flexibility, as well as allow you an opportunity for presence of mind. There are modifications and up-level opportunities throughout class to make this the perfect fit for your body. NOT your typical yoga class!
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WAKE & SHAKE: Barre Express
WAKE & SHAKE: Barre Express Sun’s up nice and early these days. Get your barre in before breakfast. All the technique for a total body workout condensed into 45 minutes.
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Meditation Workshop 4/30

Transformation Meditation

Learn how meditation can be applied to everyday life to improve overall health and productivity and unfold inner peace. The course will include handouts for personal practice and go over:

  • Theory of Meditation
  • Effective techniques
  • Practice time


Get Barre(d)!
Unlimited classes over 2 weeks to learn barre. For Studio first-timers only $49

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